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  • Bamboo Decking

    Contact NowBamboo DeckingExtra-D® Bamboo Decking is a solid, high density decking board, made from compressed bamboo strips. Bamboo is highly dense and strong. Extra-D® Bamboo Decking is heat treated and pressed. The unique manufacturing processRead More2015-11-11

  • Bamboo Beams

    Contact NowBamboo BeamsBamboo –Extra B® is pressed from bamboo strips which already have been well treated, including boiling, drying, gluing.Read More2015-11-11

  • Bamboo Cladding

    Contact NowBamboo CladdingHuiHuang® Bamboo cladding is a solid, high density exterior bamboo board, made from compressed bamboo fibers. The special squeezing, drying treatment and compression process provides the cladding theRead More2015-11-11

Anji Huihuang Bamboo Co.,Ltd