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Outdoor Products

  • High hardness and durable waterproof mildew bamboo decking

    Contact NowHigh hardness and durable waterproof mildew bamboo decking Extra-D Decking (outdoor decking) Extra-D® Bamboo Decking is a solid, high density decking board, made from compressed bamboo strips. Bamboo is highly dense and strong. Extra-D® Bamboo Decking, cali bamboo composite decking reviews, cali bamboo decking cost, cali bamboo decking prices, cali bamboo decking review is heat treated and pressed. The unique manufacturing process provides the decking a very hard...Read More

  • High strength durable mildew bamboo beams

    Contact NowHigh strength durable mildew bamboo beamsbamboo –Extra B® outdoor beams Bamboo –Extra B® is pressed from bamboo strips which already have been well treated, including boiling, drying, gluing. The elaborate manufacturing process provides the door beams the highest durability. The special squeezing and drying treatment process and high...Read More

  • Durable waterproof mildew bamboo cladding

    Contact NowDurable waterproof mildew bamboo claddingbamboox-cladding (outdoor cladding) HuiHuang® Bamboo cladding is a solid, high density exterior bamboo board, made from compressed bamboo fibers. The special squeezing, drying treatment and compression process provides the cladding the highest durability increases the stability and density, and...Read More

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